Monday, April 6, 2015

Photography... Anniversary Shoot

Two of my very best friends and I share a string of anniversary dates - how fun is that?!  This weekend, Dustin and I celebrated six months of wedded bliss, my BFF Jenny and her husband celebrated one year, and these two lovebirds celebrate TWO YEARS!

Two years ago, Big Pea (Evan) and Little Pea (Noelle) got married.  It was a perfect day in our hometown of Palos Verdes, and after eight years (at the time) together, well worth the wait!  They are the CUTEST high school sweethearts you'll ever meet.  You might think that 10+ years together and you'd be way out of the honeymoon period... not these two!  Think again, they are so in love and in tune with each other.  #RelationshipGoals #NoButReally.

So when they asked me if I'd take pictures of them in celebration of their 10 year anniversary together and two years married -- I jumped at the opportunity.  Dustin and I loved spending quality time with them as we galavanted around LA.  I'd never taken pictures of a couple before, so this was a new experience for me.  I loved it and they were so professional and photogenic!  The images speak for themselves - start scrolling. :)

In honor of their special day, here is a throwback to April 6, 2013...

(Photo Credit: Joey Ikemoto)

Two years later... <3


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