Monday, October 27, 2014

Organizing... Our Humble Abode!

Right before wedding madness, we were in dire need of a good organization day!  

DIY-ing, planning and prepping in a messy space is never a good idea, so we took to IKEA and Target to help get this situation under control.

First order of business - the nook.  We have a little desk area where we usually keep a large calendar, enough scissors for a second grade class, and enough pens to fill a Morning Glory (remember those stores back in the day?!).  We found these cute buckets and rod at IKEA.  It was fairly easy to install (thanks to handyman Dustin) and as planned, got all these little items off the desk.

Second order of business - the gift wrapping station.  I desperately wanted this over-the-door gift wrap organizer from the Container Store, but $100 is a little too steep.  Instead, we found this idea on Pinterest and for $1.99, it won my heart.  This little IKEA organizer is meant for grocery bags, but it fits 6ish rolls of wrap (pending the size).  Obviously, we have more than 6 but left those others hanging as we used it for our bridesmaid/groomsmen gifts!


We received the "desperately wanted" Container Store over-the-door gift wrap station as a wedding gift! (Thank you, Caroline!!!) Let's just take a minute to revel in the beauty of organization. 

Last order of business - the libation station!  Our shot and wine glasses were taking up one whole cabinet in our kitchen.  That's an issue when you're living in a small apartment.  We didn't have a lot of space for this anywhere but in this corner, so we've been looking for the perfect corner bar.  Unfortunately, those aren't easy to come by!  So we got creative and bought a bathroom linen cabinet.  It fit PERFECTLY in the corner and had just enough room for all of our bar goodies.  We purchased this bad boy at Targét for $80 (at the time).  Later on, we purchased single wine glass holders and screwed them into the bottom of one of the shelves.  Classy ass bar corner if you ask me!

Until next time!  Happy campin'!

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