Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Weddings... Our Own!

I couldn't be more excited to finally share this post with you!  

Dustin and I got married on Saturday, October 4th at Catalina View Gardens in my hometown of Palos Verdes Estates, CA.  It was a beautiful day!  Nothing could ever prepare you for the overwhelming feeling of joy on your wedding day.  Yes, it was a scorching 91 degrees out, but it meant for a really comfortable evening #silverlining.  

The “vision” for our day evolved over time, but the vibe we wanted to achieve didn’t falter.  We wanted our wedding to feel like an upscale backyard celebration, something relaxed yet fun, with all the comforts of home.  We hoped it was obvious that we put a lot of thought into our day and that every detail had our unique thumbprint on it.  To see the details that we spent so much time on come together in one place other than our small apartment was really exciting to see.  

The big day was bursting with love, hugs, giggles, kisses and unforgettable moments.  I’m convinced time goes by faster on your wedding day, but I will always remember every hour, minute, and second of that day for the rest of my life.  The most spectacular part of our wedding day was taking our vows, joining our lives and families together, in the company of our closest friends and family.  

It was the best first day of the rest of our big adventure together.

Enjoy the photos and our highlight reel below!!

DIY INFO: I bought these 14" plates at Hobby Lobby.  Dustin stained them and I painted and engraved them.  I also did "THANK YOU," "GUEST LOG," "RESTROOMS" amongst others.  Looking to sell them if you're interested!

DIY INFO: I ordered our invitations on Minted, custom stamps on, did the calligraphy myself, and purchased gold/white twine and the custom tags on Smitten on Paper.

DIY INFO: Dustin designed these maps and then printed two each on letter paper and cut them at FedEx.

DIY INFO: Dustin and I purchased this jewelry box from Hobby Lobby.  It's actually got a pink and white sparkly bottom under the moss that we added haha.  Quickest ring box ever!
WEDDING RING: Wood inlayed and white gold outer, purchased on Etsy from Jewelry by Johan

FUN FACT: Dustin always wears plaid shirts, so as a nod to him, I gave all the girls monogrammed plaid shirts!

DIY INFO: I know how important it is to have a full length mirror to do and check make up, so I purchased these two mirrors from Home Depot for $5, and then used a chalk marker to customize them!

INFO: The monogrammed Tumblrs are from Dawlens on Etsy!

THE DRESS: Martina Liana from Blush Bridal Couture in Tustin, CA

A little bit about the details and planning -- if you've ever been on Pinterest or stylish wedding blog, your expectations are probably at sky high if and when planning a wedding.  There wasn't room in our budget for a stylist, so we had to rely on our own talents and extremely supportive friends and family!  Although a professionally styled wedding was ideal, it wasn't realistic for us.  I'd like to think that we had a "real girl's" wedding, that had a family affair of a team who really came together with us to make the day so very special.  

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