Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Parties... Bachelorette Glamping Fun!

It's almost one month after Dustin and I exchanged vows and the dust has finally settled.  Speaking of dust, I'm starting to dust off my blog and get this thing oiled up and running again!  If you didn't notice, I've already changed up the design - keepin' it FRESH!

Anywho, today's blog post is all about the best, most unique and adventurous bachelorette party you've ever seen; and it just so happens to be my bach bash!  My maid of honor, Jenny, OWNED the bachelorette party scene with this crazy cool idea.  She planned everything to a T -- from the coordination of flights and pickups, to rental cars, to themes per day and outfits to match, to hikes and hotels, it was seriously flawless.

I woke up Friday, August 29 to be surprised by Tracey, Noelle and Victoria (3 out of 6 beautiful maids) with Up!-themed cupcakes (I love Up!) revealing the location of my bachelorette party - ZION NATIONAL PARK!!!  Weeee!!!!  I've always wanted to go to Zion and couldn't believe we were headed out there for Labor Day weekend!  

We drove out to meet Jenny in Riverside where the cutest goody bag favors were awaiting our arrival!  Jenny prepared two themed days of fun - Day 1: Keep Calm Glamp On and Day 2: Pixar's Up! Wilderness Explorers!

I even got my own Adventure Book with badges that I had to earn by doing various bachelorette activities!!

On the way to Zion, we stopped in Vegas to pick up the last 2 beauties, Erin and Sarah!  Who knew Zion is literally only a couple hours outside of Vegas?!?!

We stayed at the BEAUTIFUL Desert Pearl Inn right outside of the park.  What an unreal backdrop... am I right?!

DAY 1: We hiked Angels Landing!!!  It was insane, gorgeous and so adventurous of us!

We took an afternoon swim after the hike which was super relaxing!  We even made friends with our neighbors who let us borrow their tubes to float down the river, which was right outside our room!

Below is the restaurant where the infamous weekend inside joke line "are you the sheriff in this town?!" was born!

DAY 2: Onto hike the Narrows!  The girls really picked the two best hikes around for this trip.  Day one with the incredible views, and the Narrows and the always changing walking path and natural waterfalls.  It was pure perfection!

My fun sized babies having a giggle!! <3

 LAST STOP: As if Zion weren't enough, we had one last surprise stop in Vegas!!  Few pictures to share here because you know... what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. :P

I don't know what I did to deserve these girls.  They moved the mountains of all mountains and then climbed them all for me this weekend.  My BFFs are so amazing.

xoxo, happy campin'!

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  1. OMG, such fabulous photos. I truly loved this post a lot. At one of the rental spaces for parties I too would be hosting the surprise bridal shower party for my cousin cum best friend. Well, I have decided the venue but still haven’t selected any theme. Can you help regarding it?