Monday, December 29, 2014

Weddings... Etsy Gift Ideas for Newlyweds!

I don't know about you, but whenever someone says "Really a gift card is great!" I find it hard to believe.  I like gift cards, I like them a lot... like a lot.  I would prefer that too!  But for some reason, there's a negative connotation around gifting a gift card as it seems like the easy way out.

Well, that's kinda how I feel about wedding registries.  Oh, do you really want those dishtowels, cooking thermometer, and Brita water filters?!  Nope nope, I'm going to tell you what you want -- haha.  Which is so silly because it's the same thing as the gift card situation.

Well, if you dare to veer off the wedding registry path and step up your off-the-registry game, go for something authentic, personal and on Etsy.  Below, I've listed 6 gift ideas for the bride and groom from the one and only Etsy.

(1) Elycia Camille | Mr. + Mrs. Ring Holders
Why? These are really very practical.  I used to put my ring in its box, but sometimes it's nice to have a place to just set it down for convenience.

Why? I know you're probably like -- this is silly, how am I supposed to know what their wedding cake is going to look like??  A fair question, dear reader.  If you want to gift this before the wedding, then you'll have to do some recon, but my suggestion would be to wait until after the wedding.  Trust me, the new Mr. and Mrs. are so freaking busy months after the wedding, they won't notice the delay on the super special, custom gift.  I just gifted my BFF with one on Christmas and she loved it.  Steph at Ellicakes is incredibly talented and did an amazing job matching the cake exactly!  I mean -- just look at the pictures, it's hard to tell the difference between what's real and what's fake.  It's the perfect ornament for a first Christmas married and many Christmas' after.

(3) En Dash Designs | Custom Address Stamp
Why? This might be the most used gift you could ever get newlyweds.  It's a true lifesaver with all the thank you cards they'll be writing and you'll be a hero for it!  I recommend purchasing the self-inking option because it's quick, evenly distributes ink and dries almost instantly.

(4) Dinglewood Design + Press | Personalized Stationery
Why? Another good bulk paper product item!  My mom used to buy personalized stationery for me when I was younger, and though the trend comes in and out, I think it's on the way back in.  Family stationery is really handy for newlyweds, it's very classy (who doesn't love letterpress!) and easy for quick notes and thank you's!

(5) Box for a Bottle | Custom Wine Box
Why? For the wine enthusiast couple, this personalized wine box (purchase options allow for 1-3 bottles) is a keepsake they'll be sure to hang on to.  The best part?  There are a ton of different designs, and each panel is engraved with friendly reminders on when to pop the cork on each bottle - every anniversary!  (*Wine not included)

(6) Taylor Crafts Engraved | Personalized Cutting Board
Why? There are a ton of shops on Etsy that do this, but I have experience with this company and they are SO good at what they do.  They offer different designs, fonts, handles/no handles, woods, etc.  It's completely customizable and they're so speedy!!

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