Sunday, April 13, 2014

Crafting... Wedding Signs

It's been a long time since I've done a project like this one.  I was beyond excited to help my BFF and Bride-to-Be out with some wedding signs, and it felt really good to dust off the ol' "fontagraphy" skills!  We had a really good time and I'm actually considering opening an Etsy shop for wedding signs now.

You better believe I'll be posting about the actual wedding, but this was such a fun day of sign making and girl time, that I had to post about it.  I think it's so important that all signage match, and if possible, all paper products for a wedding.  It sets the tone throughout and ties everything together.  

We leveraged their wedding invitation design for the cornholes and used her favorite Bombshell font to keep it all consistent.  I don't trace because I tend to put more pressure on myself that way and am actually more likely to mess up.  Paint pens (big and small) are my medium of choice, and I'll usually write it out in the big pen and go back over it a couple times, using the small pen for the finer details.  I'll type out what I want to write and then go at it, and after a while, I'll remember how each letter should look so I no longer need to reference the actual typeface.  I don't consider myself a calligrapher because I'm not original with the style... I just like to mimic fonts, which is not a bad thing, it's just different.  Jenny bought and stained the wood, both purchased from Lowe's (stain is Dark Walnut).  

Enough of the chatter, here are the goods! :)

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