Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Crafting... My Bridesmaids Proposal

As the first official item on my "To Do" list post-proposal, I knew I wanted to make my "proposal" to my bridesmaids pure awesomeness!  This special group of ladies are my everything -- they're all magical, thoughtful, kind-hearted and hardworking women.  My connection to one is so different from the other, but when they are brought together, it is like they'd somehow formed their own little electric dream team.

Okay - enough sap - I knew I wanted to make a video.  I'm not super fancy - I use iMovie, but I've made videos for every birthday celebration since I was 21.  They likely wouldn't expect anything less from me.  So, I wrangled in one of my best guy friends (shout out to Bob!) who has a lot of experience in the realm of video production.  We found ourselves a lapel mic and equipment and hit the road.  Without further ado, please enjoy... [if you don't want to stick around for the intros per girl, the fun part starts at 3:27]!

In addition to the video, I made boxes (how original! :sarcasm:).  I spray painted them in white and added a hunter green bow and their first initial (everything purchased at Michaels).  I'll be really honest, I got lazy - painting after work at 9pm on a little apartment patio is rough, so I didn't paint the inside.  I cut out a piece of gold glitter scrapbook paper to line the bottom, and I included a personal card (below), a booklet of wedding details and chocolate in the box.  I also added in a Bath & Body Works candle and small bottle of vino from World Market. :)


Mood Board!
Yes, I PhotoShopped their faces on the dresses.


I kept the tone light-hearted and funny...
(purchased on Etsy from Finch + Hare)

And guess what... they all said YES!!! #success

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