Saturday, May 10, 2014

Decorating... Adventure Wall

We've called our comfy, one bedroom apartment "home" for seven months now and have only hung a mirror above the fireplace.  We have a beautiful canvas of a wall and we desperately needed some art/color/personality!  I can't come down too hard on our blank walls though, because neither one of us had any furniture when we moved in together, so we've spent our time and money furnishing our humble abode.  We had big plans for this wall in particular, but we just had to search for exactly what we wanted.

This particular wall is behind our dining room table.  We really wanted our wall art to be a reflection of us as a couple, so we decided to showcase some pictures we've taken from our road trips together.  The frames were purchased from IKEA ($19.99 each), 12x12 pictures printed at Costco ($2.99 each) and hung with care by US!  The total cost for this project was around $140.  Considering the quality and size of the frames and pictures, we think it's a steal!

We taped around the edges of each frame and used a ribbon to keep all three frames in line.

Levels are your best friend.  No one tells you how much work goes into making these perfectly even.  #symmetricalframeproblems

I swear I helped!!

Final product!!

Coming Soon: Check back in for our GALLERY WALL undertaking!

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